Exclusive: Country Star John Rich’s New Song ‘Revelation’ Finds Inspiration in New Testament — ‘The King Is Coming Back Again’

Famed country music singer-songwriter John Rich has released a new song “Revelation” — and it’s unlike anything he’s written in his celebrated three-decade career. “Revelation” takes passages directly from the final book of the New Testament — specifically, the prophecies of Saint John — and sets them to a revivalist-inspired country melody that serves both a warning and a celebration. The second coming of Jesus Christ may not happen in Nashville, but if it did, this could serve as the soundtrack.


Exclusive—Pastor Allen Jackson: Christians Today Must ‘Wake Up’ and Speak the Truth; Telling People What They Want to Hear Is Not ‘Love’

Christians must “wake up” to what is happening in politics, society, and culture and tell people the truth about what is happening in the world, Pastor Allen Jackson of World Outreach Church in Rutherford County, Tennessee, said during a recent appearance on Breitbart News Daily about his new show “Allen Jackson NOW: Christian Wisdom for a Struggling Nation” which offers a perspective on the day’s events from a Biblical worldview.

Allen Jackson (photo courtesy of Allen Jackson Ministries)