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First Artificial Intelligence Beauty Pageant ‘Miss AI’ Coming in May

The world’s first-ever artificial intelligence beauty pageant “Miss AI” is set to take place this May, with prizes totaling over $20,000. Judges for will be looking at AI-generated contestants’ “beauty,” “tech,” and “social clout” when determining the winners of the Miss AI

AI-generated image of a beauty pageant.

Turning Point Action, Mark Levin to Public: Tell Nebraska Gov. Not to Give Electoral College Vote to Biden

Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point Action organization and Fox News host Mark Levin are calling on the public to contact Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen (R)’s office and urge him to call an emergency session of the legislature and make it so that the state refrains from giving away an electoral college vote to President Joe Biden if former President Donald Trump wins Nebraska in the 2024 presidential election.

Nebraska Gov.-elect Jim Pillen answers a question while taking part in a panel discussion