Dr. Sebastian Gorka: ‘World Is on Fire’ with Attacks from Middle East to U.S.

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Breitbart News National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka took a look at the House Benghazi Committee’s report on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon.

The conversation began with Bannon noting that Hillary Clinton essentially dismissed the report by saying it was time to “move on” because it contained no devastating, career-ending “smoking gun” revelations.

“The Clinton family has made a mockery of the concept of the rule of law in America,” Gorka declared, adding:

America was built on the pretext that there is no aristocracy, that all are equal before the law. The Clinton couple have done their best to demonstrate that some are above the law – whether it’s ServerGate, whether it’s pay-for-play, all of these things combined. The whole reputation of the American founding principles are at risk today because of this woman.

Gorka was not impressed with how congressional Republicans have used their subpoena powers in the Benghazi affair.

“Honestly, Steve, the best label for what the Republicans have done so far with these investigations is ‘amateur hour,’” he said, elaborating:

If they were serious about this, if they knew what they were doing, or really wanted to represent the will of the people, in 90 minutes, they could have painted a picture of Clinton in such a way that even Democrats would have demanded that she be put in an orange jumpsuit.

“It’s not just about the money that’s been wasted,” he continued. “This woman is clearly guilty of multiple–at least 20–felonies, and the GOP have done what? Nothing. It’s a Kabuki show. No, I am not satisfied in the slightest by what the GOP has done in the last two years and the money they’ve spent.”

Turning to the subject of international terrorism, Bannon noted that the death toll for the 2016 Ramadan holiday is approaching 8,000, and he asked Gorka why this supposedly holiest month of the “Religion of Peace” has “become a global bloodbath.”

Gorka said it was because “the bad guys, the members of the global jihadi movement – that really is the best descriptor for the people we face – the groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda are very specific.” He added that “even in their English-language publications, like ISIS’ magazine Dabiq, they say this is a holy month, and the most important holy month of the year, and therefore, all Muslims must fight the infidel.”

“They’ve been doing this for years now, explicitly, even before the Istanbul attack,” he noted. “During the Orlando attack, they said, ‘If you really want to serve the will of Allah, if you want to serve the new Caliphate, the new Emperor, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, then this is the time to pick up your gun. This is the time to kill the kuffar, kill the infidel.’”

“It’s important to listen, to understand. We are horrified by the atrocity in Orlando. Even Istanbul gets on our radar screen. But that’s a fraction of what’s happened in the last few weeks,” Gorka said. “There’s one Christian area of the Middle East, where ISIS is active right now, where there were seven suicide bombs detonated in one day. The carnage is on an apocalyptic scale.”

Gorka declared:

Look at the figures coming out of the United Nations. Sixty-five million people are refugees today. That’s more than after World War II. Wherever you look around the world, thanks to that ‘leading from behind’ mantra of the current administration, the world is on fire. Whether it’s Asia, the Middle East, North Africa – even Europe, if you look at what Russia’s doing. The world is far more dangerous than it was seven and a half years ago.

Gorka said there were three important steps to turning the war against global jihad around, discussed at length in his book Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.

“Number One, we have got to get politics, and specifically political correctness, out of the threat assessments,” he urged. Explaining, he said,

The whole idea that you had Attorney General Lynch – a Cabinet member – try to censor and doctor the transcripts of the Orlando shooter’s call to the 911 dispatcher, that is the most egregious example of what’s been happening for the last seven years. Censorship for political correctness must be jettisoned instantly.

“Secondly, we have to empower and work with our Sunni allies. We have friends in the region who are Muslim, who want to defeat ISIS, but do not trust us anymore because of the last seven years,” said Gorka. “The Jordanians, the Egyptians – these are the people we have got to help because they need to be the face of this war, not white-skinned, brown-skinned Americans, but Sunnis.”

“And lastly, the most important – and this is really the template I used for the book – is the Cold War,” he said. Additionally, he stated:

How many shots did we fire on November 9, 1989, across Checkpoint Charlie, when we won the Cold War? Zero, right? Zero. So how did we win? We won because we used psychological warfare, counter-propaganda. We had a president who was prepared to say to Gorbachev, “Tear down this wall. You are running an Evil Empire.” We have to do that again. We have to have a strategic level counter-propaganda campaign, driven out of the White House.

“But that cannot happen as long as we have an administration that says jihadis aren’t jihadis; they’re closet homosexuals that are sexually repressed,” Gorka warned. “Unfortunately, we are going to continue to lose this war. Americans will be in danger–until we have a new commander-in-chief.”

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