Pat Caddell: Democrats ‘Walked Right into the Trap’ Donald Trump Baited with Hillary Clinton’s Email


Political strategist Pat Caddell, a veteran of numerous Democratic campaigns, talked to Breitbart News Daily Thursday about President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

When SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon laughed at the portion of Obama’s speech where he talked about “carrying” Hillary Clinton to victory, Caddell deadpanned, “It’s almost the attitude that somebody has to. I thought that was the theme last night: We must all carry her.”

“The problem is, I don’t know if the Hillary Clinton they’re creating, and talking about, resonates at all with what people really think of her,” he said.

Caddell sarcastically agreed with Bannon that Bill and Hillary’s great work with the Clinton Foundation must have been accidentally left out of her manufactured convention biography.

“It just slipped their mind, that they were so overwhelmed with the love story and all, that they couldn’t mention the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, and all the problems it has,” he said. “All of the work that she has done, and they have done – you notice not a word of their wonderful Foundation, and how it served the people. And not a word about her wonderful handling of ISIS.”

“I’ll tell you what, that Hillary, she was really some gal, huh?” Caddell joshed, adding that he was unable to relate some of the better text messages and emails he received about her Wednesday night because they contained language that could not be repeated on a family radio program.

Caddell said the Democratic strategy for 2016 was clear: “They have to turn the base out. They have to hold the party.” However, he was doubtful the tactics employed on the third night of the Democratic convention would prove effective.

“I’m just not sure this resonates,” he said, adding:

If they’re all so articulate on what, particularly Obama, “It’s my third term, save her, let’s do this, you must vote for her,” what does that make her look like? I mean, she’s been around for a long time. She’s been around for 30 years. Maybe she’ll be able to produce a fantastic speech, and she’ll be transformed in people’s eyes, but I just don’t think so, Steve. I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Caddell was also critical of Democratic messaging after Donald Trump’s press conference on Wednesday. “Yesterday was one of the most amazing days I’ve ever seen,” he declared. “Throwing the ‘treason’ word around, the T-word, if you will. Why were they walking into the trap?”

He said he did not know what might have been revealed in the pilfered DNC voicemails released by WikiLeaks Wednesday, but “anything that has to do with the words ‘email,’ ‘Hillary,’ the ‘DNC’ – all of this just continues to roil the situation.”

He agreed with Bannon that Trump was deliberately baiting Democrats and the media by making controversial comments about Clinton’s emails, and “they walked right into the trap, believe me.”

Caddell also weighed in on the debut of Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, who “seems like a very, basically nice man, reading other people’s words and looking like, you know, ‘What am I doing here?’”

“That was not a great impact. You didn’t get the sense, boy, this is a heavy gravitas guy,” he said of Kaine’s speech at the DNC. Instead, he said Kaine conveyed the sense of “a mid-level bureaucrat, at best.”

“I think Donald Trump will swat him away. I think more serious, however, was the threat that Bloomberg actually presented,” Caddell judged, referring to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “There’s jealousy among billionaires. There he is, out there, a man who couldn’t run himself, seeing somebody else succeed. You could see the resentment there.”

He said Bloomberg attacked Trump as viciously as he had ever seen, making a pitch “aimed at independents,” addressing the Democrat convention by his own request.     

“If I were the Trump campaign, I would keep an eye out on him,” Caddell advised.  

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