Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said the Senate should investigate the relationship between Joe Biden’s family and China, offering her remarks  on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Marlow asked about a report from Axios regarding a suspected Chinese spy’s cultivation of relationships — including those of a sexual nature — with California politicians and at least two Midwestern mayors.

“We should know that China is not our friend,” replied Blackburn. “China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, that is your new axis of evil, and China is pushing for global domination, so they’re going after politicians that they think are friendly to China. They’re looking at governors that are friendly to China policy, and they’re making their list, and they’re targeting the sphere of influence around these individuals.”

Marlow stated, “This is part of the whole problem if Joe Biden, in particular, is sworn in. Who’s going to be accountable for this? It just seems like so many people go along with it.”

Blackburn replied, “That is everyone’s concern. … If Joe Biden ends up as the president elect and then the president, how would we handle something like this? Because we know there is a cozy relationship between Biden incorporated and China, and what we have to do is, it’ll be up to the U.S. Senate to investigate some of these ties that are coming from China.


Blackburn said the runoff elections in Georgia for the state’s seats in the U.S. Senate “will determine if we’re on the path to socialism, or if we’re going to continue to fight for freedom in this country.”

Blackburn’s podcast, Freedom Rings, launched on Monday. Her first guest was Sen. Kelly Loffler (R-GA).


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