Super Bowl Slaughter Most-Watched TV Telecast Ever

Super Bowl Slaughter Most-Watched TV Telecast Ever

The Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl slaughter of the Denver Broncos, 43-8, ranks as the as the most watched TV telecast of all time, according to Fox, which broadcast the game. Super Bowl XLVIII delivered 111.5 million viewers, edging out the 2011 game played by the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

This should not come as any surprise, however, given that the previous five Super Bowls are now the five most-watched TV programs in U.S. history. Coming in at number six on the list of the most watched telecasts was the 1983 finale of the iconic M*A*S*H, an anti-war comedy series, that ran through the seventies and eighties.

Due to the excessive one-sidedness of the game, preliminary ratings suggested the game’s viewership was down from last year. Apparently, that did not dissuade viewers from watching. 

The leading markets were Kansas City and Seattle. New York City had its best Super Bowl rating since 1987.


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