Meet Tacko Fall. He's 7'5" Tall, a HS Junior, and Still Growing. Look Out NBA.

Meet Tacko Fall. He's 7'5" Tall, a HS Junior, and Still Growing. Look Out NBA.

Elhadji “Tacko” Fall aspires to be a biochemist and his 4.0 grade point average at Liberty Christian Prep School in Central Florida serves him well in reaching that goal. However, his 7’5″ height, his eight foot wingspan, and that his doctor says he still has a few more inches to grow, may interfere with that plan as NBA teams will be making him offers that he can’t refuse.

Tacko’s basketball acumen has been highlighted in a YouTube video that has gone viral. Furthermore, at his current height, he would be the tallest man in the NBA.

On Wednesday, TMZ Sports caught up with the 18-year-old native of Dakar, Senegal strolling the streets of New York City. Tacko, a junior in high school, told TMZ that he is college bound and encourages all schools to reach out to him. He explained that he hasn’t made up his mind as to where he will be attending.

This year, playing for the Liberty Christian Prep School Lions, he made 102 baskets of an attempted 124 yielding a whopping 81% field goal percentage. Of course, the fact that the prep school phenom can dunk a basketball without leaving his feet tends to increase his percentages.

Nevertheless, Tacko shot 70% from the free throw line putting him in an elite category for “big men” who typically struggle in that department. Wilt Chamberlain and Shaquille O’Neal, two of the greatest “seven-footers” of all time, barely broke the 50% free throw range in their NBA careers.

No matter what the future may hold for Tacko, currently living with an American family as part of an international host program, it looks like he has settled down for awhile. Rev. Greg Watts, of Liberty Christian, asserts, “He was bouncing from school to school and needed some stability, and we brought him here not to play basketball, but just give him an opportunity to have a stable life in America here.”