Vin Scully Calls Play by Play of Dodger Hot Foot Prank

Vin Scully Calls Play by Play of Dodger Hot Foot Prank

Fireworks came a bit early for the Dodgers as Scott Van Slyke was introduced to the hot foot by his teammates on Sunday. Enjoying the rare treat of having Vin Scully call the play-by-play on the prank made the event quite special.

As Deadspin reported, unbeknownst to Van Slyke, teammates ignited a piece of gum fastened to a handful of matches on the back of the Dodger outfielder’s right shoe. As cameras followed the event, Vin called the action. “Well, boys will be boys… A hot foot has been scheduled,” the iconic play-by-play man announced. “Who’s shoe is that? Oh, that’s Scott Van Slyke.”

As fellow Dodgers in the dugout looked on with anticipation for the pending ignition, Scully said, “We shall await further development… Oh, look out here. As the Dodgers are winning six to nothing, the big dramatic moment is what about the hot foot for Scott Van Slyke?”

When first baseman Adrian Gonzalez lit the shoe Van Slyke appears to smell something, but it takes some time before he notices his shoe is on fire. “There’s something rotten in Denmark,” Scully chimes in.

However, there is nothing rotten in Chavez Ravine. The red hot Dodgers won for the seventh time in the last ten games and beat the visiting St. Louis Cardinals 6-0 to gain a share of the lead in the N.L. West.

Of course, the Dodgers aren’t the first team to play a prank on one of their teammates. A few decades ago in Toronto, on fan appreciation day, an announcement said that the Blue Jays would be giving away a car to one lucky fan. Prankster teammates Joe Carter and Dave Winfield arranged for outfielder Derek Bell’s Jeep to be driven on the field as the car to be given away. The surprised Bell looked on in disbelief.