Fire Department Dampens the Flames of Dodgers Hot Foot Prank

Fire Department Dampens the Flames of Dodgers Hot Foot Prank

“Boys will be boys” said Vin Scully on Sunday about the Dodgers teammates hotfoot prank on outfielder Scott Van Slyke during their 6-0 defeat of the St. Louis Cardinals at Dodgers Stadium on Sunday. Consequently, the Los Angeles City Fire Department is saying that boys shouldn’t play with matches.

The incident involved a homemade incendiary device of bubble gum, matches, and a cigarette attached to the outfielder’s shoe, which was then lit by first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. The small flame got Van Slyke’s attention and he quickly patted it out, while his teammates looked on with amusement.

Yet, Captain Jaime Moore from the L.A. City Fire Department spoke up and said that the horse play was really bad example for kids. “These guys are supposed to be role models and playing with fire is not a joke.”

Adding flames to the fire of criticism, Tom Olshanski, the Director of External Affairs for the United States Fire Administration, told TMZ: “We work tirelessly to warn people of the dangers of fire and to see it celebrated by professional athletes, on TV and in front of kids, is frustrating.” He added, “Any sort of fire play like that is incredibly dangerous. Look at the recovery from even minor burn injuries.”

Well that should put a damper on a bunch of grown up kids yucking it up in the dugout. Grownups sometimes won’t let kids have any fun.