NBA Versus NFL: Players Duke It Out at South Beach Bar

NBA Versus NFL: Players Duke It Out at South Beach Bar

St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar and NBA free agent Donte Greene brought their talents to South Beach–their barroom-brawler talents. Their meanderings into impromptu, amateur mixed-martial arts landed them both in jail, charged with battery and disorderly conduct.

Miami Beach police acknowledged that the two were arrested when they got into an altercation early Sunday morning outside Dream Nightclub in South Beach. The clash pitted the six-foot, 235-pound, 29-year-old outside linebacker against the 6′-11,” 225-pound, 26-year-old power forward and former Sacramento Kings player.

According to ESPN’s NFL Rams reporter Nick Wagoner, the incident could hurt Dunbar’s career and certainly his chances of remaining as a starter for the Rams. Wagoner explained that Dunbar had a good 2012-2013 season with the Rams, but struggled last year after he was suspended for the first four games for violating the NFL’s drug policy. “Now he is involved in a fight with NBA player Donte Greene outside of a nightclub… not a good start for him for a second straight year,” he commented. 

Wagoner thinks that there is now an opportunity for someone like Ray Ray Armstrong to take over linebacker responsibilities, a second-year player who the Rams are really high on. The Rams analyst believes that in light of the fact that the Rams previously released Dunbar for undesirable behavior before re-signing him, the new arrest could change their view on how Dunbar will fit in their future plans.