Chrissed Off: Gov. Christie Erupts on Refs

Chris Christie Reaction
Andy Manis/

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have been behind glass and a hundred yards from the referees. But one imagines that they heard his screams.

The New Jersey Republican appears in an Andy Manis photograph pointing, screaming, and red-faced at Lambeau Field the very moment when Gene Steratore overturned Dez Bryant’s fourth-quarter reception that had put Dallas on the one-yard line. The play, overturned on replay, turned the ball over on downs to the Green Bay Packers, who held on to their 26-21 lead.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had imagined New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would again bring “mojo” to the Dallas Cowboys. Instead, he brought the spirit and passion that a Jersey Shore heckler experienced in October but not victory.

Christie, despite the proximity of the Eagles, Jets, and Giants, roots for the Dallas Cowboys. His football allegiance, and accepting a trip to AT&T Stadium on Jerry Jones’s dime last week, sparked controversy. The governor paid his own way this week but he refused to back off his support for America’s Team.

Breitbart Sports’s spies glimpsed the governor happy at halftime eating pop corn from a cup. He displayed a very different emotion in the owner’s suite in the fourth quarter.