Yankee Employee Fired after Alleged Vile Tweet Regarding Curt Schilling’s Daughter

Curt Schilling

Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox pitching great Curt Schilling reacted angrily to an alleged barrage of vulgar and sexually explicit tweets about his 17-year-old daughter.

Wednesday a happy and proud Schilling announced on twitter that daughter Gabby would be attending Salve Regina University in Rhode Island in the fall and would be pitching for the women’s softball team. The announcement elicited several inappropriate tweets, which the legendary hurler asserted crossed the line. Nearly all of the comments remain unprintable but on Twitter and one of the comments allegedly referred to rape.

According to NJ.Com True Jersey, two specific messages in particular angered Schilling: one from Sean MacDonald, a Montclair State University graduate, and another from Adam Nagel, a student at Brookdale Community College. The college temporarily suspended Nagel until the matter is further investigated.

McDonald on the other hand, a part-time employee for the New York Yankees, was fired. “We have zero tolerance for anything like this,” Yankees Director of Communications, Jason Zillo, said. “We’ve terminated him.”

Shilling expressed his contempt for the remarks on his personal blog writing, “I was a jock my whole life. I played sports my whole life. Baseball since I was 5 until I retired at 41. I know clubhouses. I lived in a dorm. I get it. Guys will be guys. Guys will say dumb crap, often. But I can’t ever remember, drunk, in a clubhouse, with best friends, with anyone, ever speaking like this to someone.”

A supportive fan tweeted Schilling that “I have many friends that are in or former special forces……” Schilling replied saying thanks but he knows some professionals that could help him.  

The 48-year-old developed a reputation for toughness, symbolized by a Game Six ALCS appearance when he defeated the Yankees pitching with a bloody ankle for the Red Sox.

But, Schilling blogged that he has a soft spot when it comes to his daughter: “If you’re a dad you know exactly what I meant by that tweet. I was also going to mention that there is little in life I’d ever go to jail for, but my daughter is one. Another nod to that father/daughter bond….”