Booby Gibson Quits NBA to Rap Black Lives Matter Lyrics

Daniel Gibson

Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson said goodbye to the NBA to pursue his dream of being a rapper.

The one time shoot-the-lights-out point guard has not played in the NBA since the 2012-13 season. As Fox Sports points out, some believe the NBA said good-bye to him first.

Boobie in Suicide, a musical short featuring his son by Daniel Gibson, aka Booby, aka Gib, gets his rap on with the not-so-cheerful lyrics about how being born black makes for a cruel existence. One which I suspect Boobie escaped to a large extent by earning millions from his NBA contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Gib raps:

Dear Mama please pray for me, sign of the times, in modern day slavery, I’m outta my mind. What happen to the love… All I did was be born black, I guess it’s problem… They say it’s the land of the free, then why they got handcuffs on me… Every 28 hours another one dies at the hands of the police…How can they expect us not to riot when they killing n—-s… They pushing us to the limit, what’s about to happen is a scary vision.”

The ex-point guard released a statement defending Suicide: “There is so much hate in this world. All rooted from our differences. Skin tone, gender, bank statements, all these things make people believe they are more superior than others.” He added “I don’t think I’m better than anyone, nor do I believe anyone is better than me. We are all human beings, the sooner everyone sees this, the sooner we might succeed in finding peace.”