It’s quite appropriate that a man who refuses to actually speak on his own future, would choose to subtweet the retracted story about his promise to stand for the anthem. It’s even more appropriate that he would choose to subtweet it while channeling someone else.

Shortly after CBS NFL reporter Jason La Canfora retracted the statement he made on CBS’ NFL pregame show. In which La Canfora said that Kaepernick would stand for the anthem if given an opportunity. Kaepernick took to Twitter to try and clear the air, sort of:

While Kaepernick doesn’t explicitly say that he’s referring to La Canfora’s report, the odds that he’s not referring to La Canfora are astronomically high. To emphasize that point, Kaepernick then retweeted the original story containing La Canfora’s statement that Kaepernick would stand. Then, the retraction of the story:

Still, the entire situation seems bizarre. It’s beyond unbelievable to think that La Canfora wouldn’t have addressed the anthem issue with Kaepernick during their discussions. But even if they didn’t, perhaps La Canfora was just repeating the story from ESPN’s Adam Schefter in March. When sources told Schefter that Kaepernick would stand for the anthem.

Oddly, Kaepernick hardly reacted at all when Schefter’s report came out. Why all the fuss now?