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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ Big Win Leads to 206% Ratings Increase for NBC

It’s not a secret that a big day for Tiger Woods, normally leads to a big day for the broadcast networks. However, given that it’s been five years since Woods’ last PGA win, it would be fair for one to assume that a victory would lead to even greater ratings.

Miami Dolphins

Dolphins Receivers High-Five Each Other On Way to End Zone

The Dolphins are 3-0 for the first time in a long time, and it feels so good. How good does it feel? It feels good enough that two Dolphins players could not wait to get to the end zone to start their touchdown celebration.

NFL Ratings

Week 2 NFL Ratings: Some Good, Some Bad, Some Ugly

Given the highly politicized nature of NFL ratings, the Week 2 numbers bring good news for both sides. If you desire to see NFL ratings improve, there’s good news for you. If you want to see the NFL fade into ratings mediocrity, there’s something here for you as well.

Tom Brady

Report: Tom Brady Admitted That Aaron Rodgers Is Better than Him

While few question that Jerry Rice was the best wide receiver to ever play the game, some have said that Randy Moss may have actually been the most talented. Now, it appears we could be headed for a similar debate when it comes to who was the best to ever play the quarterback position.

NFL Ratings

NFL Ratings Up Overall for Week 1, But There’s a Catch

While millions of commuters arrived at work stricken with a “case of the Mondays,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the network executives who broadcast his league were undoubtedly celebrating something that has not been the case for them on many Mondays in recent history, a positive ratings day.

Anthem Protests

Three Dolphins Protest During the National Anthem

Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills became one of the most frequent anthem protesters in the NFL, in 2017. This year, he picked up where he left off, and he had some help.

NFL Anthem

Report: NFL Anthem Resolution Not Expected by Week 1

The NFL suspended its new anthem policy last month, in order to open the way toward negotiations with the NFL players Association (NFLPA) on a jointly negotiated policy for the coming year.