Dylan Gwinn

Dylan Gwinn

LSU Cancels Classes Ahead of National Championship Game

The student part of student athletics, will take a back seat at Louisiana State University on Monday and Tuesday. LSU has decided to cancel all classes before Monday’s national championship game and the day after, “to accommodate students who are traveling to New Orleans for the national championship game.”

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Packers Call for 700 Snow Shovelers to Clear Lambeau Before Playoff Game

The Packers are going to do everything they can to get their team a win on Sunday as they take on the Seattle Seahawks in their divisional round matchup. However, first, the Packers are going to need nearly a thousand of their fans to make sure they can even watch the game.


Larry David Told Jets to Draft Lamar Jackson

Most NFL executives steadfastly – and correctly – refuse to follow the advice of fans and celebrities when it comes to the draft. However, at least in this case, it would have been a really good idea if the team had listened.

Larry David

Steve Kerr Blasts Pence for ‘Lying’ About Soleimani 9/11 Involvement

Having stayed relatively quiet on political matters since bowing to the People’s Republic of China, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr broke his political silence on Friday and took a shot at the only government he’s apparently willing to attack, ours.

Steve Kerr

Bill Polian Does Not Vote Lamar Jackson for All-Pro

Former NFL executive and current NFL analyst Bill Polian, once said that Lamar Jackson should be a wide receiver in the NFL, not a quarterback. That was a bad opinion, one that Polian freely admits was a mistake.

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