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Colin Kaepernick Seems Upset by Bosa, Incognito Signing with 49ers and Raiders

Colin Kaepernick doesn’t say much, publicly. However, he does tweet a lot. And on Tuesday, the former NFL player who protested his way out of the league, used his Twitter account to retweet an angry post about “Progressive Bay Area NFL teams” opening their arms to players who support President Trump and use the n-word.

Colin Kaepernick

WATCH: Man Apologizes After Singing ‘Worst’ National Anthem Ever

A lot of people think that taking a knee is the most disrespectful thing someone could do during our national anthem. While taking a knee is really bad, the rendition of the anthem sung by a substitute singer at a minor league baseball game in North Carolina on Sunday, is giving Colin Kaepernick a run for his money.

National Anthem

The XFL Tried to Sign Anthem Protester Colin Kaepernick

The new XFL football league is now confirming that league officials worked to sign notorious anthem protester Colin Kaepernick. This, despite claiming that there would be no kneeling during the national anthem at its games.

Colin Kaepernick