Dear Cassie Jaye, Sorry For Manspreading Your ‘Red Pill’ Kickstarter

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Earlier this week, I told you about feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye’s film about men’s rights, The Red Pill, and how it was struggling to find money after Jaye insisted on being fair-minded instead of hewing to third-wave feminist orthodoxy.

My report about the struggles of a feminist trying to make an even-handed film was shared thousands of times on social media, multiple subreddits and in articles across the “manosphere.” My harrowing, and, let’s be honest, incredibly well-written, sensitive and fascinating article seems to have struck a chord with audiences. I’m sure the film will be great too.

Anyway, I’m happy to inform you that the film has been fully funded thanks to activist and lawyer Mike Cernovich and over 1,000 other backers… after they heard about it from yours truly, obviously.

Jaye also appeared on my #BIGMILO live stream last night. As a result, she has now raised over $133,000.

With a full budget and multiple successful projects behind her to prove she can properly steward and manage it, Cassie Jaye can now spend the next two weeks thinking up lulzy stretch goals like “outfundraise Anita Sarkeesian” (unlikely – she’s a pro) and deciding just how big the font will be for “SPECIAL THANKS TO MILO ‘GREATEST OF ALL TIME’ YIANNOPOULOS.” (Suggestion: Adobe Caslon Pro, 128 pt.)

We at Breitbart hope Cassie Jaye a hassle-free editing process and look forward to the insane tactics feminists are about to deploy to make sure this movie never sees the light of day. They will lose, by the way: Jaye has already raised enough money to pay for Oscar-qualifying screenings in LA and New York.

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