Christina Aguilera Stars as Sex Robot Prostitute in Movie ‘Zoe’

Christina Aguilera in the music video for "Not Myself Tonight"
Youtube/Christina Aguilera

Singer and actress Christina Aguilera stars as a sex robot prostitute in the upcoming movie Zoe.

According to Fox News, the movie, which is directed by Drake Doremus and also stars Ewan McGregor and Léa Seydoux, is a “romantic drama about forbidden love between a human and a synthetic robot.”

While Seydoux plays the character that the movie is named after, Aguilera will make her appearance as a “robotic prostitute named Jewels.”

“Her character’s physical appearance is what one might expect of a futuristic brothel worker, with severe bangs cut out of her long black hair, heavy makeup and a skintight latex dress,” Fox News explained. “Without giving too much away, she encounters Zoe, who is more technologically evolved, in an underground brothel where Jewels works — and is confined to.”

Doremus claimed, “They’re both fascinated by each other because they both see things in each other that they don’t have and that they want.”

“It’s really fascinating to see two different class levels observing each other,” he declared.

Interest in sex robots has surged over the past few years, with robots and their companions even appearing on morning television.

Last year, a professor claimed society “must be prepared” for the rise of “digisexuals,” who use technology as their primary sexual outlet, while the president of a sex doll manufacturing company claimed sex robots would be better for children than pornography.

Sex robots have been made to look like customers’ dead wives, while some feature a robotic G-spot and artificial intelligence, which allows the robots to talk and learn.

Last September, during a tech conference in Barcelona, Spain, a display model of popular high-tech sex robot was damaged and “heavily soiled” by various men, who reportedly acted “like barbarians,” and even broke two of the robot’s fingers.

Zoe will premiere on Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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