Chris Matthews: Monmouth University Poll ‘a Joke’ Because Ben Carson Leading


MSNBC host Chris Matthews blew a gasket this week when he saw that Dr. Ben Carson was leading a national poll of GOP presidential candidates.

A Monmouth University poll found that Carson, the retired and respected neurosurgeon, was leading the pack with 11%. For some reason, Carson’s standing disturbed Matthews.

“That list, that poll is a joke… that Dr. Carson is at the top is a joke,” Matthews defiantly stated on Monday’s Hardball. “It’s not going to be that way–it doesn’t mean anything except whimsy on the part of the people trying to cause trouble with pollsters.”

Matthews, famous for getting a thrill up his leg over Obama’s candidacy, flirted with running for Senate as a Democrat in Pennsylvania. His wife is running for Congress in Maryland as a Democrat.


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