The cable news ratings for the first quarter of 2024 have great news for Fox News, okay news for MSNBC, and more humiliation for a far-left hate outlet called CNN.

We are right in a presidential campaign year, and CNNLOL’s total day ratings, which were already hovering romantically close to zero, still managed to decrease compared to the previous quarter. Meanwhile, MSNBC and Fox News both saw a jump in ratings.

In total day viewers, Fox News viewership jumped seven percent compared to the last quarter of 2023.

MSNBC increased its total day viewers by three percent.

CNNLOL lost seven percent of its total day viewers compared to the previous quarter.

Even with a presidential primary heating things up, CNN managed to only increase its already embarrassing total primetime viewership by a measly one percent compared to last quarter.

Fox News increased its total primetime viewership by a whopping 13 percent, while MSNBC enjoyed a seven percent bump in total primetime viewers.

It’s the raw numbers that truly tell the tale… CNN is nothing now — a zero, barely an echo. Practically no one is watching, and it is truly glorious. Here are those raw numbers for the first quarter of 2024 — total viewership and the 25-54 age demo that sets advertising rates:

Primetime: Total Viewers / Demo Viewers

Total Day: Total Viewers / Demo Viewers

CNN’s highest-rated show is not even a primetime show. It’s plagiarist Fareed Zakaria’s weekend show, which attracted an average of only 722,000 viewers. Compare that to Fox News’s top-rated show, The Five, which drew an average of 3.038 million viewers.

MSNBC’s top-rated program continues to be Rachel Maddow’s Monday show. On average, 2.533 million tuned in, including a healthy 236K in the demo.

CNN is all happy that CNN This Morning with Kasie Hunt saw a 19 percent viewer increase. Wow, 19 percent! Hunt is now attracting a whopping 53,000 viewers compared to 44,000. Sorry, Kasie, but a 19 percent increase of zero is still zero.

Disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo continues to flame out at NewsNation. He averaged only 167,000 total viewers and 27,000 demo viewers, and he is also NewsNation’s top-rated host.

Compare Cuomo’s 167,000 viewers to Rob Schmitt over at Newsmax, who averaged 449,000 viewers and 27,000 demo viewers.

Over the next five years, watching CNN slowly wither away will be something beyond gratifying. If I could take a pill that would open up my heart to hate CNN even more, I’d swallow the whole bottle. 

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