'Morning Glory' Review: Delightful Comedy, Harrison Ford's Best Role In Years

“News is a sacred temple,” Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) declares impetuously in the new film “Morning Glory.” The former news anchor believes in hard news and despises entertainment news. However, he is asked to report on both when he is forced to co-host a low-rated morning talk show called “Daybreak.” Although Pomeroy is in a constant state of aggravation as he hosts the show, moviegoers shouldn’t be because “Morning Glory” is a delightfully funny comedy which features Ford in one of his best roles in years.

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Mike Pomeroy is a well-known, highly-respected newsman who people often admire from a distance. The former anchor is quick to point out his Pulitzer Prize, his Emmy victories, how he once saved Colin Powell's life and how he once had dinner with Dick Cheney. These facts are all impressive and when Becky (Rachel McAdams) meets him in an elevator after a job interview, she is awestruck by him. The elitist Pomeroy doesn’t really care how much of a fan she is; he just wants to get away from her. Unfortunately for him, that won’t happen any time soon.

Becky, after being fired from a local New Jersey morning talk show, has recently been named the executive producer of “Daybreak,” a morning show with abysmally low ratings. To revitalize the show, Becky fires Paul McVee (Ty Burrell), the male co-host and tries to get Pomeroy on the show to pair him up with Colleen Peck (Diane Keaton). Pomeroy is under contract with IBS but despite his disapproval is ultimately forced to sign on.

As the cantankerous Pomeroy, Ford has a great time. He's a gruff co-host who constantly feels like the show is beneath him and is willing to say so every chance he can. Watching Pomeroy suffer through a morning show while keeping his dignity intact is delightful and Ford is extremely funny. Matching Ford with Diane Keaton was also a masterstroke as the two classic actors have a great chemistry.

The story's main focus is Becky trying to turn the show around. By incorporating more of a focus on entertainment and adding more gags, she rejuvenates the program. Watching the weatherman become a YouTube sensation and Peck managing guests from the animal kingdom are particular highlights.

Where the plot weakens is when it focuses on Becky’s relationship with Adam Bennett (Patrick Wilson). Becky eventually starts dating Bennett, who previously worked for Pomeroy. However, this unnecessary subplot will likely only make you yearn for more scenes of Ford rolling his eyes at whatever his female co-host is doing.

I recently watched the 1987 classic comedy “Broadcast News,” which is a great look at news coverage and those who provide it. I didn’t love “Morning Glory” as much as that one but “Glory” does an admirable job capturing the feel of a morning show. It has an intelligence and a wit and some fine actors giving terrific performances.


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