Obamacare Down: National Headlines Document Insurance Exchange Failures

Obamacare Down: National Headlines Document Insurance Exchange Failures

October 1 was D-Day for the nation-wide launch of the Obamacare exchanges. Embarrassingly, few of them worked as advertised, and not many people have been able to get themselves signed up for the government-sponsored insurance exchanges.

Headlines from across the nation have been reporting on the massive failures of the system that was three years in the planning. Here are just a few examples:

CNNMoney: “Obamacare enrollment stymied by exchange glitches”

Washington Post: “Signing up for ObamaCare: ‘This Was Totally Disappointing”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “Hiccup at Florida ACA Exchange Site”

The Hill: “Technical Problems Plague Launch of ObamaCare”

Washington Examiner: “The Glitchy, Error-Filled Misadventures of Creating an Account on HealthCare.gov”

Superior Telegram: “Navigators Not Ready for Health Care Rollout.”

Associated Press: “Glitches Hit NY’s Online Health Insurance Website”

CBS Baltimore: “Maryland Health Exchange Experiences Glitch In First Hours Of Launch”

Baltimore Sun: “Maryland health insurance exchange stumbles out of the gate”

Lexington Herald-Leader: “Glitches Hamper Access to Kentucky’s ObamaCare Website”

New York Post: “ObamaCare Rollout Riddled with Glitches, Delays”

Pennsylvania Patriot News: “ObamaCare Exchange Serving Pennsylvania Serves Up Early Glitches”

Weekly Standard: “ObamaCare’s Minnesota, Connecticut, and Oregon Exchanges Filled With Glitches”

WBS Radio, Atlanta, GA: “Healthcare exchange websites fail security tests”

Forbes Magazine: “Healthcare.gov Crashes During First Day, Why Massachusetts Never Had This Problem”

Chicago Tribune: “Computer glitches, overloads hit health care exchanges”

Connecticut Post: “Slow web site, frustration vex health exchange”