***Live Updates*** Trump Holds North Carolina Rally

US President Donald Trump arrives to address supporters during a campaign rally at Manchester - Boston Regional Airport in Londonderry, New Hampshire, August 28, 2020. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Tuesday evening.

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8:13 PM: North Carolina rally concludes. Much more enthusiasm at these outdoor rallies of late for Trump.

8:03 PM: Trump talks about “patriotic education” and says Democrats “want to away your history.” He says they want to take away your statues and heroes and your past.

“They’re never taking away our past,” Trump declares.

Trump says “this is better than the arenas” after crowd erupts after Trump talks about needing more patriotic education and not taking away our history.

Crowd chants “We love you!” We love you!”

8:00 PM: Trump says he will defend the “dignity of work” and the “sanctity of life.”

7:57 PM: Trump says Biden wants to achieve a “national sanctuary city policy” for illegal aliens with criminal records while giving illegal aliens government-funded health care and lawyers. Trump says it’s unbelievable Biden would support such policies, but “it is what it is.”

Trump says he will enact fair trade deals and bring back our companies back home where they should be. Trump says he will do so at a level that nobody saw possible. Trump says he will hire more police and increase penalties for assault on law enforcement. Trump says he will also ban “all sanctuary cities.”

7:52 PM: Trump wonders if China sent the plague on purpose because, without it, he’d be “sailing to an easy election.”

Trump says Biden is “weak” and “will always cave to China.”

7:47 PM: Trump perhaps in no area has his opponents betrayed the working class than on the issue of immigration.

7:46 PM: Trump not mocking Pelosi for saying she “got set up” by a beauty parlor owner who, he says, “happens to be a Trump person.”

7:45 PM: Trump thinks he has gotten worse press than Lincoln. He says nobody has been through what he’s been through than he has as president.

7:43 PM: Trump says he delivered permanent funding to HBCUs and says the Obama-Biden team never did. He calls them “O’Biden” because it’s “too long to say Obama-Biden.”

7:42 PM: Trump rips the left for their anti-energy policies and refers to the Green New Deal as the “Green New Nightmare.” He says “your electric will go up” four to six times.

7:40 PM: Trump says China and Iran want Biden “badly.” He says Iran is still upset he ended the Iran Deal.

7:36 PM: Trump says Biden shook hands with blue-collar workers for the last 50 years and then “stabbed them in the back.” He cites Biden’s support of NAFTA, China’s entry into the WTO, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership in addition to the “mass amnesty” for illegal immigrants. Trump, repeating one of his signature lines of this year’s campaign, says Joe Biden’s agenda is made in China while his is Made in the United States. Crowd raucously chants “USA!”

Trump says he is not going to let other countries take advantage of the United States on trade.

7:35 PM: Trump says he has achieved more than they though in four years and “that’s driving them crazy.”

7:32 PM: Trump says he doesn’t like Democrats in states run by Democrats monitoring ballots. He says he will win Florida and North Carolina. Trump says his enthusiastic crowds are “meaningless” if “they’re going to cheat.”

7:29 PM: Trump says he has a “virtual landslide” going if people are lying to pollsters.

7:27 PM: Trump says Biden’s plan is to appease the domestic terrorists while his plan is to arrest them.

7:25 PM: Trump says he supports defunding police and supports policies releasing rioters and violent criminals. He says Portland arrested more than they have ever before last night because Trump said they had to.

7:23 PM: Trump says he is going to make Mexico pay for the wall with a “small toll” at the border or by doing something with remittances.

He says he will get all the money the country has spent on the wall back from Mexico.

7:19 PM: Trump says states are sending out “unsolicited ballots” because Biden is losing. Trump says the only way they can win is by doing bad things.

7:16 PM: Trump says Biden sees what’s going on and is “talking tougher” because his polls are “dropping like a rock.” Trump says the left is running the Democrats and Biden can’t say America isn’t racist because he will lose the “stone-cold crazies” on the left.

He says Biden doesn’t say a word about African-Americans “murdered by the thousands” in cities run by Democrats.

7:15 PM: Trump says he decided to call all of his rallies “peaceful protests” after watching cities who wouldn’t let people go to church allow rioters do whatever the hell they want to do because they are considered “peaceful protesters.”

7:11 PM: Trump says Harris is even further left than “Crazy Bernie.” Trump says he doesn’t understand why Biden picked someone from California. The Pundit-in-chief says Hillary should have picked Bernie as her running mate. He says he doesn’t get Harris’s selection because you usually pick someone who is “hot” and going up in the polls. He now calls Bernie the “greatest loser” he has ever seen. He says Bernie “got screwed four years ago and he got screwed again.”

7:10 PM: Trump calls Biden a “globalists sellout” who spent his career but “laying waste to American communities.”

He mocks Biden for “having a change of heart” after doing nothing for 47 tears.

7:08 PM: Trump says China and the “flag-burning rioters” want Biden to win because they know Biden will implement policies that will lead to the “downfall of America.” Trump says his policies will lift the country to new heights of national greatness.

7:06 PM: Trump, speaking about suburban woman, says last time they said women don’t like Trump and he said, “I think they do.”

Trump says he is doing better with all demographic groups now than he did in 2016.

7:04 PM: Trump says Democrats have hit the “big time” by trying to rename the Washington Monument and get rid of the Lincoln Monument and the Jefferson Monument.

Trump says nobody likes Kamala and “she could never be your first woman president. That would be an insult to your country.”

7:03 PM: Trump says if “Sleepy Joe” takes over, the economy will collapse and Biden will not even know the difference.

7:00 PM: Trump says the rioters, arsonists, and the looters will win if Biden wins because Democrats who run cities “don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

“If we win, America wins,” Trump says.

Trump says Biden may not know Trump is surging in the polls, but the people managing him do, and that’s why Biden finally “left the basement.”

6:58 PM: Trump wants states like North Carolina and Michigan to open and have football. He predicts everything will open up after the election because states are not opening up for “political reasons.” He talks about the “super V” economy and says next year will be tremendous unless Biden gets in and then we’ll have a depression the likes of which you haven’t seen.

Trump says the “mobs win” if Biden gets elected.

6:55 PM: Trump says he is thrilled to be in Winston-Salem as the crowd chants, “four more years!” Trump says the crowd is “beyond what we had” in 2016 in terms of enthusiasm before saying this is the most important election we’ve ever had.

Trump says there has never been a bigger difference–he says the election is between the American Dream and disaster for our country. He says Biden has devoted his career to offshoring jobs and getting the country into endless wars while surrendering our future to China. Trump says it’s simple: “If Biden wins, China wins. It’s as simple as that.”

6:45 PM: Trump about to address the packed crowd.

6:35 PM: Air Force One touching down in Winston-Salem.


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