Jenny Beth Martin: The Internet Is No Place for Government Interference

It was one year ago this week that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implemented its reversal of the Obama-era regulations of the Internet, known as “net neutrality.” The positive results over the past year tell a powerful story about why government should not be in the business of regulating the Internet.

A woman uses a laptop on April 3, 2019, in Abidjan. - According to the figures of the platform of the fight against cybercrime (PLCC) of the national police, nearly one hundred crooks of the internet, were arrested in 2018 in Ivory Coast, a country known for its scammers on …

How to Avoid the ‘One Ring’ Phone Scam

The FCC recently issued a warning about a new phone scam being labeled the “One Ring” scam. This is how you can avoid scammers trying to rip you off if you return a missed call.

One-Ring phone scammer

FCC Chairman Wants China Mobile Banned as Risk to National Security

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai recommended on Wednesday that China Mobile should not be allowed to operate in the United States because the Chinese telecom giant poses “substantial and serious national security and law enforcement risks.”

US sues California over 'net neutrality'

FCC Chief Ajit Pai Unveils New Push to Ensure American Leadership in 5G

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Ajit Pai announced Friday that the agency will unveil the largest spectrum auction in American history to ensure American leadership in 5G and create a Rural Digital Opportunity Fund to expand Internet access to rural America.

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Wasinger: Bogus National Security Argument is Last-Ditch Effort to Socialize 5G

As pro-China elements in the media and on Wall Street warn of a “trade war” and wring their hands over President Trump’s tough trade stance with a Chinese government that has been eating our lunch for decades, some of those same forces are waging a different type of war right here at home.

5G wireless race heats up