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How Dare They Arrest Polanski!

While running the risk of turning this group blog into an All-Polanski-All-The-Time love fest, I thought it worth while to point out my favorite part of the petition currently circulating the mess halls of Sunset Boulevard. (I mean beside the

Los Angeles Tea Party Video

[youtube tbYXAq4qy_0 nolink] My producing partner, Steve Vernon and I went to Westwood this weekend with a camera and shot the Tea Party rally. It was an amazing day and an amazing job done by the organizers. I have a

A lot of great talent

…but maybe one year they could do a tribute to some of those who worked behind the scenes – the people with names we don’t know. The people that made all those people look great.



Late to the party

Have I missed anything? Most of my friends (a very short list) on Facebook seem to be changing channels.

Artist Bailout: $50 Million Not Enough

So it turns out that HR1, Obama’s giant stimulus bill that’s going to save the world, one contraceptive, lawn care company, STD prevention program at a time has a little coin for all us starving artists. Well, probably not all