D.C. Boomtown Population Grows in Proportion to Govt Spending

D.C. Boomtown Population Grows in Proportion to Govt Spending

Washington D.C.’s population is growing faster than any state in the nation with the exception of North Dakota. According to the 2012-2013 U.S. Census Bureau, D.C. grew by 2%, to 646,449 over. 

Leading the nation and bolstered by an ongoing oil industry surge, North Dakota’s population grew at a 3.1% rate over the last year, which is four times the national average. Moreover, when considering population growth from 2010-2013, D.C., again, only trails North Dakota in population growth.

While other American States and cities struggle with the ups and downs of the USA’s uneven economy, the capital city has surged forward. Much of the growth can be attributed to government spending, attracting federal contractors and lobbyists and ticking up the population count. Earning the name “The New Boomtown,” the D.C. real estate market has been transformed into a flourishing haven for bidding wars, multi-million dollar sales, and modern architecture. 

The U.S. growth for 12 months ending July 1 was an anemic .71% or less than 2.3 million people, ranking it the slowest growth rate ever recorded, according to Brookings Institution demographer, William Frey. It was predicted that Florida was to overcome New York as the third most populous state, but will probably have to wait for next year’s census to overrun the empire state. Although Florida is growing three times faster than New York, it was edged out by about 98,000 and remains behind and in 4th for now. California and Texas are still the most populated states in the nation.

According to Frey, he was expecting Florida, Arizona, and Nevada to show increases in population as the economy, supposedly, improves. But the state populations averaged only about 1.2% to 1.3% growth. The Census Bureau projected the nation’s population as of News Year’s Day (Wednesday) as 317,297,938, an increase of 2,218,622, or 0.7%, from New Year’s Day 2013.