Reince Priebus Back as RNC Chairman

Associated Press
Associated Press
San Diego, CA

Pronouncing him “the longest-serving chairman in modern history,” the RNC today announced the election of Reince Priebus to his third two-year stint as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

The announcement came at the RNC’s winter meeting in San Diego.

“I am incredibly humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve as RNC Chairman for a third term,” Priebus said. “We will build on our success of 2014 to have a successful 2016. I look forward to ensuring that we have the best possible operation in 2016 and I thank all of the hard working candidates, committees, and dedicated volunteers and investors for their support in this effort.”

The RNC used the announcement to tour Priebus’ fundraising ability, combined with the RNC’s intention to focus on winning the white House in 2016.

“Thanks to Chairman Priebus’ leadership, the RNC made important gains across demographic groups and an unprecedented investment in data,” the RNC said. “Most importantly, Chairman Priebus transformed the RNC into a year-round party.”

The RNC also lauded Priebus as a fundraising powerhouse.

“The RNC easily beat the DNC in fundraising for the 2014 election cycle, bringing in $176.9 million through October 15, 2014,” the group said. “Chairman Priebus’ leadership and emphasis on fundraising has allowed the RNC to offer greater support to Republican candidates and state parties.”