Scott Walker Slams Hillary Clinton for ‘Shunning’ American People for Big Labor

Scott Walker
The Associated Press

In an op-ed for The Des Moines Register, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker slams Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton for pushing the interests of wealthy labor unions at the expense of ordinary Americans.

“Her presidential campaign has been defined by closed-door meetings and carefully choreographed events designed to shield her from the same Americans she is asking for votes. If Iowans were hoping for something different during Clinton’s most recent visit to the Hawkeye state, they will be sorely disappointed,” Walker wrote.

“Much of Clinton’s time was spent in meetings with union bosses. The fact that Clinton is shunning everyday Iowans in favor of big-labor special interests sends a clear message about where her true loyalties lie,” he continued. “For Iowans, my campaign offers a very different vision.”

Walker went on to lay out his public union-busting bonafides:

Liberal union bosses, like those Clinton is meeting with this weekend, fought our reforms tooth and nail, organizing 100,000 protesters to occupy our state capitol grounds. Unintimidated by their attacks and protests, we took them on and we won,” he said. “On behalf of Wisconsin students and teachers, we began repairing a broken system that rewarded tenure and seniority over teacher performance. Under the reforms we enacted, the old rules are now in the history books.

Walker rumbled with the taxpayer-funded public unions in 2011 when he imposed state labor reforms known as Act 10, restricting taxpayer-funded public unions to collectively bargain. The Left, needless to say, exploded with rage and waged an all-out war against Walker. In a thuggish attempt at a coup, protestors spat on, manhandled, and shoved legislators and reporters while camping out at the capitol building. One insider told a local radio station that union backers trashed the place:

A friend of mine said the entire place smelled when she walked in on Friday morning. There was garbage everywhere. This is one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings in the country. The mob had no respect for the place, for what happens there, or for the citizens whose freedoms it represents.

In 2012, Walker pulled off a stunning victory in a recall campaign after public unions and mobs organized in part by the Obama administration tried to throw him out of office. He again won re-election in 2014.

Now, Walker enjoys strong support from Republic voters. He surged to a big lead in a July 20 Iowa poll and has been the frontrunner in the first primary state for months.

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