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Warren Buffett to Purchase Haslam-Owned Pilot Flying J

Berkshire Hathaway, the company controlled by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, announced Tuesday morning the company is purchasing Haslam-family owned Pilot Flying J, the privately owned national truck-stop chain that had $19 billion in revenue in 2016.

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Warren Buffett: America Will Be Fine Under Trump

In an interview broadcasted on CNBC on Thursday, billionaire investor Warren Buffett, a supporter of 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, “America works,” Buffett said at the New York City premiere of a HBO documentary about his life . “I’ve said


Who Wants Wind Turbines Besides Crony Capitalists?

Last month’s wind-turbine fire near Palm Springs, California, that dropped burning debris on the barren ground below serves as a reminder of just one of the many reasons why people don’t want to live near the towering steel structures.

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Rejoice! Green Tractor Production in UK Hits All-Time High

Green tractor production in Britain is at an all time high! Or so we learn from Business Green, the UK environment industry’s equivalent to Pravda, in a piece celebrating the fact that 2014 was a “record-breaking year for wind energy” with

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Sean Parker Tries Philanthropy to Clean Up His Rep

The irrepressible Sean Parker took to the Wall Street Journal editorial pages to announce that after building a $2.8 billion fortune, mostly from stealing music and selling peoples’ deepest secrets to marketers, he wants to reinvent his public reputation from that of a greedy loud-mouthed hacker to an old money philanthropist.

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Hillary Clinton and Tom Steyer Fight the Loophole that Fills Democrat Coffers

Billionaire “greenie” Tom Steyer is demanding that candidates for president support the one tax increase Republicans like: namely, eliminating the limousine liberal’s “carried interest” loophole that allows uber-wealthy hedge fund moguls to pay a lower tax rate than Americans earning over $36,900. Calling income inequality an “urgent” issue, Steyer wants to dump the loophole that made him rich.


Warren Buffett Explains How a $15 Minimum Wage Would Hurt Workers

If any of his friends on the Left bothers to listen to what Buffett says about the minimum wage and welfare, they’re likely to be much more upset about his notion of identifying those who are “willing to work,” and holding those who are not responsible for their life choices.