Claim: President Obama Blocks His 13-Year-Old Critic CJ Pearson on Twitter

Obama and CJ Pearson
Washington, DC

CJ Pearson, the 13-year-old who rose to fame for his YouTube videos criticizing President Obama, shared an image claiming he was blocked from following Obama on Twitter.

Pearson left the comment “Unreal” when he shared a purported screen capture of the President’s Twitter profile, marked by the notification, “You are blocked from following @POTUS and viewing @POTUS’s tweets.”

“I am truly apologetic for hurting the feelings of the leader of the free world,” Pearson told Breitbart News.

A White House spokesman denied Pearson’s accusation, claiming that the @POTUS account has not blocked anyone.

Pearson responded to the White House denial via a video on Facebook.

My response to the White House calling me a liar.

Posted by CJ Pearson on Wednesday, September 23, 2015