CJ Pearson

Exclusive– CJ Pearson Talks Donald Trump, Ahmed Mohamed, and Obama

CJ Pearson, the conservative 13-year-old YouTube rockstar and fierce critic of President Barack Obama, spoke to Breitbart about being blocked by Obama on Twitter, about Donald Trump, Ahmed Mohamed and the hoax-bomb clock controversy, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, and CJ’s new position as national chairman of Teens for Ted.

CJ Pearson/Facebook

EXCLUSIVE: CJ Pearson Backs Ted Cruz for Prez to Recruit Millennial Voters

The 13-year-old social media star CJ Pearson, whose YouTube videos criticizing President Obama have gone viral, joined Cruz for President this month to help reach out to millennial voters through the campaign’s “youth operation” and talked about his new venture to Breitbart News.

CJ Pearson/Facebook