Stephen Colbert Spins for Obama While Jon Stewart Savages President

Stephen Colbert Spins for Obama While Jon Stewart Savages President

Comedy Central host Jon Stewart has been relentless in attacking President Barack Obama for the various scandals currently engulfing the White House.

The Daily Show host is a committed liberal, but he’s been honest enough to comically savage his own side of late as the ugly facts present themselves.

Not fellow Comedy Central personality Stephen Colbert. The host of The Colbert Report did so much spinning last night he may end up as a Coney Island attraction this summer.

The show introduced … The Obama Scandal Booth, a Price is Right-style device featuring slips of paper with an Obama scandal printed on each.

“I will enter the booth, and like my colleagues, grasp wildly at any accusation that floats past,” he said, as if the press was oh, so eager to bring down a president it had done everything possible to prop up for five years.

“Let’s get ready to scandallllll,” he cried in his best impression of boxing announcer Michael Buffer.

Then, in grand trickster fashion, Colbert bobbed and weaved around the issues surrounding the terrorist attack at Benghazi. He cleverly used an MSNBC poll to mock Republicans who expressed outrage over the death of four Americans and the White House’s actions surrounding the terrorist attack.

Colbert then focused on a mistake ABC reporter Jonathan Karl made in his Benghazi reportage as a way to dismiss the scandal entirely–as if that error changed the entire nature of the matter.

No matter what happens over the coming weeks, President Obama will hit the pillow each night knowing at least one faux news host has his back.