NYTs Editor: Republicans Need to Shut Up About Libya

On the editorial page of The New York Times, Andrew Rosenthal rips Republicans for raising questions and demanding answers about Libya:

Something obviously went wrong in Benghazi. An Ambassador died. It’s necessary and appropriate to discuss what happened so as to avoid similar missteps in the future. But missteps don’t always add up to a scandal; and confusion after the fact doesn’t necessarily constitute a cover up. The more time Republicans spend going down the conspiracy path, the less time gets devoted to learning from our mistakes and rectifying them.

This is all part of the whack-a-mole strategy we’ve seen the media engage in, literally, since day one when the media spent a week massacring Mitt Romney for criticizing the Cairo Embassy apology on Sept. 11 of this year, the day the Middle East blew up and our Libyan consulate was attacked. Then he was brutalized by moderator Candy Crowley in the second presidential debate for bringing the Administration’s false Libya narrative up.

Now that the media no longer has Romney to kick around, they’ve spent the last three days attacking McCain for raising the issue. And now we have the editorial page of the Times assaulting the Republican Party as a whole.

When the media wants something, whether it’s Mitt Romney to release tax returns or President Obama to come out of the closet and tell the truth about his position on same sex marriage, they make no secret of wanting it. And it’s been obvious since the beginning, that the media does not want answers on Libya. The only time we see any energy from the media on the issue are in these attacks on anyone who does want answers.

If the media was doing its job and demanding a full and final accounting of everything involving Libya, Republicans wouldn’t have to make this stink.

It’s fine if the media thinks Republicans are over-stepping on some of these issues, but couldn’t they brush back those who are while at the same time demanding answers  from the White House and State Department?