And Another Thing About Obama’s Appearance On Al Sharpton’s radio show!

In response to Obama: Cuts that Hurt the Economy are GOP’s Raison D’etre:

Listen again to what he said:

“My sense is that their basic view is that nothing is important enough to raise taxes on wealthy individuals….or corporations and they would prefer to see these kind of cuts that could slow down the recovery over closing tax loopholes and that’s the thing that binds their party together at this point.”

This is our president talking about us – all Republicans. We only care about the rich. We are motivated only  by a selfish, base desire to protect ourselves from paying our “fair share”, “millionaires and billionaires” that we all are.  Our selfishness is what binds us together.

It couldn’t be that we think more taxes would kill jobs and slow down the economy – it couldn’t be that we believe we have a serious debt problem and spending has to be reduced to prevent a financial meltdown.

My God.

We’ve gotten so used to being demonized in this way,  we’re numb to it – it barely causes raised eyebrows anymore. But I still remember how shocking it was in 2009 to see the President of the United States behaving like a rabble-rousing community organizer – writ large – gleefully pitting Americans against each other.

It took this epic rant from Mark Levin to make me notice that, yeah, Obama was attacking us, again, and wow – how galling of him to use this class warfare argument in light of the fact that he and Michelle are the ones constantly running off to West Palm Beach, Hawaii, Aspen, Martha’s Vineyard, etc.

Where’s the Republican leadership? Why do they let him get away with that? Marco Rubio touched on Obama’s tendency to impugn the motives of his adversaries in his response to the SOTU. That was for me, the best part of his speech because it was a stake in the heart of Obama’s favorite Alinsky tactic. No wonder all libs wanted to talk about afterward was Rubio’s drink of water.

Republicans need to be calling Obama out on that every time he does it, and honestly explaining to the American people the dire straits we’re in, instead of cowering in fear and worrying about who gets the blame.

Congressional Republicans are considering a proposal that would givethe Obama administration authority to choose what gets the axe under theautomatic spending cuts required by sequestration. The measure isintended to negate the “across-the-board” nature of sequestration whilestill maintaining the size of the spending cuts, sources said.

“Those conversations are happening and they’re happening at a leadership level,” a Senate source told The Washington Examiner. “The bill would not try to replace the cuts, [but] it would instead give the president maximum authority to prioritize.”

Head desk.