Mark Levin

‘They Finally Figured Out How to Attack Conservative Talk Radio:’ Mark Levin Criticizes Automakers Dropping AM Radio

Major automakers are removing AM radios from their new models in a move that heralds the end of an era, sparking outrage from listeners, station owners, and politicians alike who lament the potential loss of an iconic part of American culture and criticize the move as “tone deaf.” Mark Levin commented on the change, saying: “The automobile is essential to liberty. It’s freedom. So the control of the automobile is about the control of your freedom. They finally figured out how to attack conservative talk radio.”


Mark Levin: Democrat Economic Agenda Is ‘Degrowth’

During Sunday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” conservative talker Mark Levin argued President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party were intentionally destroying the American economy, which has made the United States reliant on foreign countries.