Hillary: Old as McCain, Fat as Christie — Where's the Media?



Back up a sec.

Just like our objective, unbiased not-at-all-liberal media had questions about Bob Dole, Ronald Reagan, and John McCain, I’m just asking questions about Hillary’s advanced age.

She’ll turn 69 in 2016.

And she’s fat.



Back off.

Just like our objective, objective, not-at-all-liberalmedia has questions about Chris Christie, I’m just asking questions about Hillary’s health. She’s obviously overweight; maybe even obese.

Dole, Reagan,and McCain were pushing 70 but not overweight.

Christie is overweight (and looking much better these days), but he’s 20 years younger than Hillary.

Hillary is old and fat.

Whoa, whoa, whoa… 

I’m just asking questions.

If the media didn’t think these issues were relevant, I never would have brought them up.