I Don’t Like Cats, But Ask You To Help Them Fight Cancer

In response to Fight Cancer by Watching Badass Cats:

I am all for fighting cancer, even it is using those annoying and dirty little furballs.

Yeah you guessed it, I don’t like cats, and really dislike all of those annoying cat videos that everyone likes to post on social media.

While Jedidiah believes that she was a cat in a past life, I know I was some big cat-chasing pooch.

Meow that.

Anyways, go to the site and pitch in some dinero for a worthy cause.

Cats vs Cancer is a non-profit site built to help those battling cancer. Each month we take money raised through ads sold on the site, as well as your donations, and give that to a cancer charity.

Our mission is to be the most entertaining and fun charity on the planet. We will do this by curating the most hilarious, adorable, and captivating cat-things from around the web for your enjoyment and viewing pleasure.

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