Gallup: Priority of Amnesty Surging Against Border Security

Gallup: Priority of Amnesty Surging Against Border Security

The immigration reform debate appears to have achieved equilibrium according to a new poll released this week by Gallup. Americans are placing priority on addressing the “immigration status” question over border security by 44 to 43 percent, respectively. Breitbart News recently reported on a prominent Democratic pundit telegraphing the likely Democratic Party response to any such granting of legal status to illegal aliens into full-blown amnesty. In that report, Breitbart News’ Joel Pollak revealed Bob Shrum’s foreboding argument:

Shrum’s point was that granting millions of illegal aliens a kind of legal status, but not allowing them to apply for citizenship, would be morally unacceptable–equivalent, he said, to South African apartheid or to segregation in the Jim Crow South.

Pollak’s report went further and asserted:

But Shrum’s use of the apartheid analogy proves exactly what conservative critics of the Republican proposals have been saying for months: Democrats will never stop short of full amnesty for illegal aliens.

Breitbart Texas Border Security Expert Sylvia Longmire reasoned that public opinion is evidencing a gap closure of the issue due to consistent pressure on “the need for comprehensive immigration reform,” and an emerging realization that Republican policymakers are being pressured with a “need to find a way to make it happen.”  

Longmire raises issue with the conventional grasp of how a considerable number of illegal immigrants came to be in America.

“Most Americans don’t realize that the biggest chunk of illegal immigrants in the U.S. are not people that crossed illegally, but people who came here legally some time ago and just overstayed their visas,” she argued.

Longmire contends that as more voters become aware of the majority process individuals faced from legal visitor to illegal immigrant, the political capital enjoyed in border security could be neutralized.

“Americans feel less threatened by tackling the issue of illegal immigrants who are already here because it doesn’t add the hot potato complication of border security,” she added. In Longmire’s view, keeping new illegal immigrants out, while managing the ones America has seems to be the new issue framing, according to current polling.