Brandon Darby

Brandon Darby

Arizona Teen Allegedly Smuggled .50 Caliber Rifle, Ammo into Mexico

Authorities in Mexico arrested and formally charged a 14-year-old teenager who allegedly attempted to smuggle a .50 caliber rifle, other weapons, and ammunition from Arizona into Mexico. The teenager is facing federal charges in a juvenile court in Mexico.

Arizona teen arrested after allegedly smuggling a .50 caliber rifle and other weapons into Mexico.

Texas Border Area Teen Beats Murder, Dismemberment Charges

A teenager accused of murdering and ordering the dismemberment of a fellow minor in Rio Grande City, Texas, will not be spending life in prison after jurors found him not guilty. The victim and the suspect were previously described as the sons of rival drug traffickers.

Tape cordons off the scene of a shooting in the Ogontz section of Philadelphia, Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Mexican President AMLO on Cartels: ‘War Not an Option’

In the aftermath of a cartel massacre that killed nine Americans driving through the mountainous region south of the New Mexico border, Mexico’s president said that going to “war” with cartels is not an option.

Lopez Obrador

NARCO-TERROR: 9 U.S. Women, Children Murdered by Cartel Gunmen near New Mexico Border

A group of cartel gunmen ambushed and murdered three women and six children near a rural Mormon community in Mexico, close to the New Mexico border. Six more children, all from the same family, were also injured. One additional girl remains missing. Relatives stated that all of the victims are dual U.S. and Mexican citizens.

Murdered Family in Mexico

Feds Bust Mexican Cartel’s Methamphetamine Running Cell in Kansas

A yearlong investigation by U.S. authorities in Kansas led to the arrest of a methamphetamine distribution cell tied to Mexico’s Los Viagras faction of the Familia Michoacana Cartel. The cartel cell is considered to be part of the violent cartel’s drug distribution operation which also has cells in Washington State and Georgia.

Michoacan Beheading

Inmates Overpower Guards in Mexican Cartel Prison Riot

A cartel power struggle inside a state prison in central Mexico set off a fierce riot where inmates were able to completely overpower guards, take them captive, and continue fighting. The riot ended with six dead inmates–including a lieutenant with the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG).

Morelos Prison Riot

Gobierno Mexicano Niega que Sicarios Rescataran a Narcotraficante en Michoacán

Funcionarios del gobierno de Michoacán niegan que equipos de sicarios rescataran a un narcotraficante que había sido capturado. El caso sale a la luz poco después de que el gobierno federal de México liberó a uno de los hijos de El Chapo tras la ofensiva de los sicarios del Cartel de Sinaloa quienes sobrepasaron a las fuerzas de seguridad del país.

Camaleon Rescue

Mexican Judge Releases 27 Cartel Members Caught in Mexico City Raid

A federal judge in Mexico City ordered the release of 27 out of a group of 31 cartel members arrested by authorities earlier this week. The arrests resulted from a large-scale raid that led to the discovery of narco-labs, bunkers filled with drugs, a rocket launcher, grenades, and several weapons. In that raid, authorities also discovered various altars with human skulls and other offerings used in witchcraft rituals.

Mexico City Raid

Feds Move to Seize Properties of Drug Lord Who Murdered DEA Agent

Federal prosecutors in New York moved to seize eight properties in Mexico belonging to one of the most powerful drug lords in Mexico. Prosecutors singled out the drug lord as having ordered the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Kiki Camarena in 1985.

Members of the Army patrol the surroundings of the Puente Grande State prison in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco State, Mexico, on 9 August, 2013 where former top Mexican cartel boss Rafael Caro Quintero -- who masterminded the kidnap and murder of a US anti-drug agent in 1985 -- was informed early Friday …

Cartel Received Tax Break from Mexican Government, Says Watchdog

Mexico gave a substantial tax break to a company owned by a convicted money launderer with Los Zetas Cartel, an anti-corruption organization stated in their latest report. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) denied the assertion and claimed it was a bad faith effort to tarnish his administration.

Mexico turns page with win for leftist 'AMLO'

Mexico Forced to Release El Chapo’s Son After Paramilitary Cartel Violence

The Sinaloa Cartel forced the Mexican government to release a son of infamous drug lord “El Chapo” after threatening extreme violence against innocent civilians. Soldiers arrested the kingpin’s heir several hours earlier in an operation that triggered shootouts in Culiacan on Thursday.

AMLO reshapes Mexico's language along with its politics

Gulf Cartel Chief Captured in Texas Heads to Prison

A top-ranking leader of the Gulf Cartel who fled to Texas to escape his rivals will spend 20 years in a U.S. prison on various drug trafficking charges. In Mexico, the man commanded a squad of approximately 240 men armed with machine guns, grenades, and homemade cannons.

Gulf Cartel Gunman

GRAPHIC: Cartel Clash Kills 15 in Mexican Coastal State

A fierce battle between Mexican military forces and cartel men in the coastal state of Guerrero led to the death of one soldier and 14 gunmen. The skirmish follows shortly after a squad of gunmen ambushed and killed 13 police officers in a neighboring state.

Mexican Army