Decomposing Body of Murdered Mexican Actress Found in Water Tank

Carmen Yarira Esparza Noriega (Facebook)

Many questions remain in yet another unsolved murder in Mexico City where authorities discovered the heavily decomposed body of an aspiring actress in the water tank of her apartment complex. Her body was discovered 11 months after she went missing.

Carmen Yarira Esparza Noriega, a 27-year-old aspiring actress who moonlighted as a hostess in social events and had a psychology degree was found on December 23 by authorities inside the water tank of her ritzy Mexico City apartment almost 11 months after she went missing, information released by the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office to Breitbart Texas reveals.

Esparza had been working on her acting career at Caza Azul, a ritzy private acting academy in Mexico.

The woman’s body showed a heavy state of decomposition; however forensic investigators were able to identify her through a series of nose surgeries as well as her breast and hip implants, the prepared statement by Mexican investigators revealed. The preliminary cause of death shows that she was choked.

The finding of Esparza’s body drew the attention of many Mexican news outlets which have become bolder in reporting the country’s worsening security conditions.

According to Mexico’s Proceso Magazine, Mexican investigators believe that the actress’s murder may have been a crime of passion and are looking various suspects including a Mexico City businessman that owned the apartment where Esparza was living. He is reported to have had a romantic relationship with her. Authorities did not disclose the man’s name, but did confirm that they are also looking at another man who was described as a high profile attorney who also reportedly had a romantic relationship with Esparza. A third suspect was described as a male friend from a local gym.

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