Ildefonso Ortiz

Ildefonso Ortiz

McAllen Mall Shooting (Photo: Twitter/@hectorsandoval0)

Shooting Scare in Failed Robbery at Texas Border City Mall

Local authorities responded to reports of a shooting inside the Simon Mall in this border city on Saturday afternoon. Police later said no shots had been fired and the scare came from the sound of breaking jewelry cases during a failed robbery attempt.

Former FBI director James Comey laughs while answering questions during an interview forum at the Washington Post May 8, 2018 in Washington, DC. Comey discussed his stormy tenure as head of the FBI, his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, his tense relationship with President Trump and his controversial …

Report: James Comey Ignored Possible Murders by Mexican Cartel Informant

A high-ranking operator was able to continue climbing the ladder of the Juarez Cartel and supposedly ran a human slaughterhouse while being a U.S. informant. The actions of the former Mexican cop turned U.S. asset in the early 2000s could have been stopped by then-Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Comey who, along with other high ranking officials at the time, did nothing in response. After his time as an informant was done, the man received asylum and moved to New York where he allegedly terrorized and kidnapped a local woman.

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Ex-Priest to Spend Life in Prison for Murder of Border City Teacher

A South Texas jury sentenced a former Catholic priest to life in prison for the murder of a local school teacher and former beauty queen in 1960 when he was assigned to a local church. For more than 55 years, the priest managed to avoid facing any consequences in connection with the murder.


Missing Texas Teen Found Safe in Mexico, Say Authorities

A 13-year-old girl who went missing and managed to make her way to the Texas border and eventually into Mexico has been found safe, authorities reported. The girl is believed to have been traveling to meet a man who relatives was trying for months to lure her.


FBI Busca Adolescente Tejana Engañada Para Cruzar a Mexico

Autoridades en ambos lados de la frontera están tratando de encontrar a una jovencita que se cree escapo de su casa para llegar a la frontera y eventualmente cruzar a Mexico. Los padres de la joven creen que ella fue engañada por un depredador para conocerla.


Feds Find Texas Teen Girl Lured to Mexico

Authorities on both sides of the border are working to find a missing 13-year-old girl who is believed to have run away and made her way to the Texas border and eventually into Mexico. Relatives believe the girl was lured by an older man and was trying to meet him.

Reynosa Crime Scene

Violencia en Ciudad Fronteriza Mexicana llega a 60 Muertos en Noviembre

La aguda violencia del cártel en esta ciudad fronteriza ha dejado 60 asesinatos en noviembre mientras facciones rivales del Cártel del Golfo continúan luchando por el control de los territorios de tráfico de drogas y acceso a Texas. Las 60 víctimas incluyen militares y policías muertos en tiroteos, así como civiles inocentes muertos en fuego cruzado.

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VIDEO: Convoy de Sicarios del Cártel Del Golfo Invaden Ciudad Fronteriza

RIO BRAVO, Tamaulipas – Decenas de camionetas todoterreno llenas de hombres armados del Cártel del Golfo entraron en la ciudad fronteriza de Río Bravo, blandiendo sus rifles mientras se preparaban para cazar a sus rivales en lo que se convirtió en un día de feroces enfrentamientos armados.

Reynosa Robbery

Tres Sicarios Muertos Tras Fuerte Balacera en Ciudad Fronteriza

Tres sicarios pertenecientes al Cartel Del Golfo perdieron la vida tras atacar a un convoy de autoridades que patrullaban esta ciudad fronteriza. El enfrentamiento desato una fuerte balacera de la cual varios sicarios a bordo de varios vehículos lograron escapar.

Handcuffs secure the back door of a US Customs and Border Protection border patrol vehicle loaded with suspected illegal immigrants near Yuma, Arizona. File

Border Patrol Agent Sent to Prison for Helping Steal Cocaine

A federal judge sentenced a U.S. Border Patrol for his part in a ruse to steal drugs. The former long-serving agent pleaded guilty after he helped carry out a fake drug seizure in order to hide the theft of 66 kilograms of cocaine.


Texas DOT: Stay Off the Roads

As Texas deals with rising waters from the remnants of Hurricane Harvey, state officials are warning those in Houston to stay off the roads unless necessary. Several parts of the city are underwater and dangers continue to grow.

Los Zetas Victoria Murder 1

Violencia Repunta en Capital de Estado Fronterizo Por Narco-Guerra

La capital de este estado fronterizo tuvo un reciente repunte en la violencia por parte del crimen organizado, pues miembros del Cartel Del Noreste, han atacado un restaurante cuando se encontraba en horario de servicio, ejecutando a su dueño e hiriendo a dos empleados.

DPS Gunboats on RG River

Los Zetas Cartel Commander Sentenced after Sneaking into Texas

A regional commander for Los Zetas will spend 30 years in prison for his role in the smuggling of more than 40,000 pounds of marijuana into Texas over a span of seven years. The boss was arrested by Texas State Troopers on gunboats when he tried to escape Mexican soldiers.

Los Zetas

Mexican Cartel Leader Gets 30-Year Sentence after Helping DEA

A federal judge sentenced one of the top Los Zetas cartel leaders to 30 years in a U.S. federal prison for his role in helping smuggle ton quantities of drugs and playing a role in the raging violence that continues to plague Mexico. The former cartel boss turned into a government witness following his arrest.

Seline Lizbeth Ayala 23

Texas Border Woman Caught with $2M in Liquid Meth

A woman from the border city of Laredo, Texas, was arrested in Austin after authorities found more than $2 million in liquid meth inside her vehicle. The woman was traveling with her 4-year-old daughter.

Zetas Dynamite

Cartel De Los Zetas Tenia Dinamita Escondida en Estado Fronterizo

Autoridades Mexicanas decomisaron múltiples paquetes de dinamita pertenecientes a miembros de una de las facciones de Los Zetas que operan en este estado fronterizo. Aparte de los explosivos, autoridades también encontraron chalecos blindados, y mas de una tonelada de marijuana escondidos en la Ciudad de Mante.

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Texas Outlets Embellish Protest Against Ted Cruz Speech

McALLEN, Texas — Less than 50 protesters gathered this week to protest the appearance of Senator Ted Cruz at the McAllen Fourth of July Parade. That protest was dutifully amplified by state and local news outlets, however.