Owner of Ebola Victim-Visited Bridal Shop: Health Officials 'Not Serious'

Owner of Ebola Victim-Visited Bridal Shop: Health Officials 'Not Serious'

Anna Younker, the owner of a bridal shop that nurse Amber Vinson visited for several hours on Saturday, October 11, said that she thought local officials were handling the situation in a “not serious way” in an interview on Thursday’s “OutFront” on CNN.

Younker said that she didn’t notice any signs that Vinson was sick.  The CDC recently stated that Vinson may have had symptoms as early as Friday, October 10.

She declared that health officials in Summit Co., OH did not seem prepared to give her needed advice, Younker reported that she asked “what kind of sign do I put on my door because I don’t want to cause panic either, but how do I let my customers know I’m closing just until we get a little more information?” To which officials responded, “oh, okay. Um, sure. That would be a good idea.”

Younker wondered, “if this is as serious as it is, why is this being handled in a not serious way to me?”

CNN national correspondent Susan Candiotti reported that the owner told her “officials asked her and a co-worker to quarantine themselves and stay home, but it was okay to come in this day to see a few customers and let in two Health Department workers.”

Younker also told Candiotti that “she hasn’t heard anything from the CDC or the Health Department about the possibility that, in fact, there might have been some additional signs of sickness in connection with the bridal shop.” And “she is still waiting to hear and get a visit from the health department to bring over that thermometer so that she can start taking her temperature with it and they said, quote, ‘to discuss some things.’” 

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