CNN’s Toobin: Midterms ‘Really May Be About Impeachment’ – ‘Real Chance’ Dem House Will Try to Impeach

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” CNN Senior Legal Analyst and New Yorker Staff Writer Jeffrey Toobin stated that he thinks there is “a real chance” Democrats will try to impeach President Trump if they re-take the House in 2018.

Toobin said that while President Trump isn’t going anywhere in the near future, “we have a midterm election coming up. And there will be a — at least a chance for the Democrats to retake the House of Representatives. If the Democrats retake the House of Representatives, and given how Democrats feel about President Trump generally, particularly if he tries to fire Director Mueller, there is a real chance that a Democratic majority might try to impeach this president. I — nothing’s going to happen in the interim, but, I mean, this midterm election is not just about health care and the budget, it really may be about impeachment. And that’s just something that voters can think about on both sides, as we move forward in the campaign.”

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