Dershowitz: McCabe Should Have Recused Himself Immediately from Any Investigation Involving Hillary Clinton

Monday on Fox News‏ Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” when asked about FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s wife receiving donations from Clinton ally Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe for her 2015 Virginia Senate campaign, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said McCabe “should have recused himself immediately from any investigation involving Hillary Clinton.”

Dershowitz said, “Well, first of all, everybody tells me who knows McCabe and has worked in the FBI that he is a very decent guy and was an excellent deputy director. Having said that he should have recused himself immediately from any investigation involving Hillary Clinton because of his wife’s connection to Hillary Clinton.”

He added, “When you are investigating a presidential candidate, whether it be Hillary Clinton or President Trump, you have to be Caesar’s wife, you have to be above reproach. You have to make sure not only there are no conflicts, but there are no perceived conflict, not only is there no bias but there is no perception of bias. He didn’t pass that test. He gave his enemies, the other side, ammunition to go after him. And I think that’s been a big problem with the Mueller investigation. Whether there is actual bias or not, we will only know in the end. But the perception of bias is there. And it should never be there when you are conducting an investigation of this importance involving people who so high in government or intend to be so high in government, candidates for president of the United States.”

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