Flake: GOP Under Trump Has a ‘Propaganda-Fueled Dystopian View of Conservatism’

Friday in New Hampshire at the “Politics and Eggs” event, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said in the era of President Donald Trump, the Republican Party had surrendered  to a “propaganda-fueled dystopian view of conservatism.”

Flake said, “There is nothing that will be more vital then to expunge from the American record then this frenzied attack on the truth. There are few jobs that will be more difficult than putting that particular horseback in the barn. Such is the power of the president to either build or destroy. And the irony should not escape us here that someone whose name became known to us as a builder would have such a pension for destruction.”

He continued, “What does it say about conservatives that our message is so different than the words that my parents thought me, so different as to amount to a rejection of the optimistic vision of Ronald Reagan, the extraordinary decency of George H. W. Bush, the principled constitutionalism of Barry Goldwater? What does it say that we have succumbed to what can only be described as a propaganda-fueled dystopian view of conservatism?”

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