MSNBC’s Wallace: Trump Is ‘Sadistic’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” host Nicolle Wallace called President Donald Trump “sadistic.”

Wallace said, “The Washington Post, out with just some extraordinary reporting on how Donald Trump is micromanaging his border wall’s design. The bollards, or the slats as he prefers to call them, should be painted flat black, a dark hue that would absorb heat in the summer making the metal too hot for climbers to scale. One design Trump panned according to a former official, they were topped with a rounded barrel-like cylinder to prevent climbing, but Trump didn’t like the way it looks either, arguing that sharp spikes would be more intimated. Trump told one group of aides that the points would cut the hands as climbers and function as a more functional deterrent.”

She continued, “If any kid in any high school wrote that, they would be sent to the school shrink. I mean, this is sadistic.”

She added, “We also know he wants to burn and impale people.”

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