Blumenthal to Republicans: ‘Face the Facts’ — Trump Only Released the Aid When ‘He Was Caught’

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) reacted to a New York Times report that claimed President Donald Trump did not release withheld aid to Ukraine until after the whistleblower came forward with the complaint.

Blumenthal told co-host Alisyn Camerota Republicans need to “face the facts” that this report “empowers” the case against Trump, who he said failed to release the aid until “he was caught.”

“It adds additional evidence. It empowers further the case against the president. it confirms the evidence coming from the president’s own mouth, really,” Blumenthal outlined. “It’s still the July 25th conversation about doing us a favor in return for the aid, soliciting a bribe in a sense. And what this report shows very, very importantly is the president decided to release the aid when he knew his cover was blown. He was caught,”

“[Republicans are] continuing to defend the president, and what I find so reprehensible is they will have to eventually face the facts,” he added.

Blumenthal then warned history would “haunt” members of Congress if they “failed to pursue this impeachment proceeding.”
“We have a responsibility here that is bigger than any one of us,” he stated. “This is a vote and a process that will be for the history books. history will haunt them. and history would haunt us if we failed to pursue this impeachment proceeding.”

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