Don, Jr. on Biden: ‘This Guy Is the Epitome of the Swamp’

In an interview with this week’s “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News Channel, Donald Trump, Jr., son of President Donald Trump, slammed his father’s presumptive Democrat general election opponent former Vice President Joe Biden.

The younger Trump called Biden “the epitome of the swamp” and said there is “no enthusiasm” for him from the Democrats, which he argued is why the Democratic National Convention will be held virtually during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, I think for the Democrats, of course, they want to do a virtual convention because there’s no enthusiasm for Joe Biden,” Trump outlined. “He can’t get people to show up to a rally if he was able to do rallies. So, this whole scenario is really, the ultimate best-case scenario for Joe Biden and his campaign. They don’t want him on the stump, they don’t want him speaking to reporters, they don’t want him ad-libbed. Honestly, they don’t even want him on the teleprompter because he can’t even get that right. So for them, it’s sort of the ultimate.”

“I think when you have the media onslaught where media has just totally abdicated their position to objectively look at both sides. You know, they’re not looking into any of Biden’s past, they’re not looking into any of his history, they’re not looking into his family’s graft, they’re not looking at how insanely soft he’s been on China throughout his entire career. And let’s not forget, this is a 50-year career in Washington, D.C. They’re trying to run him like he’s a moderate outsider. This guy is the epitome of the swamp, so they want to do whatever they can to keep the American people from actually seeing Biden. He hasn’t been defined, and the media is trying to make sure that no one gets to define Joe Biden — because once he is, you’ll see how terrible this notion could be for America.”

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