Dem Rep. Moulton: Many Americans, Afghan Allies Left in Afghanistan ‘Have a Price on Their Heads’

During Wednesday’s “Stephanie Ruhle Reports” on MSNBC, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) addressed the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan in which hundreds of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies were left behind in the Taliban-run country.

According to Moulton, who has warned of the Taliban “hunting” people, many of the Americans and Afghan allies still in Afghanistan “have a price on their heads” now that the terrorists have seized control.

“I heard a report of a teacher who was there ostensibly to help educate Afghans — didn’t find a way to the airport. As you said, it was incredibly chaotic. There are great stories of the Taliban letting people through. There are also many tragic stories I have heard of the Taliban stopping people from getting to the airport. It sounds like that’s what happened to this teacher. And so, he’s stuck there, and he doesn’t know how we’re going to get him out. And our responsibility in Washington is to have a plan for that. It’s to have a plan for where we go forward, and the number one first step is to get these Americans and the Afghan allies that we left behind out to freedom and safety because many of them have a price on their heads,” Moulton advised.

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