Warren: Overturning Roe ‘Set a Torch’ to Supreme Court Legitimacy

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that the Supreme Court “burned whatever legitimacy” it had left with its decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Partial transcript as follows:

RADDATZ: And Senator Susan Collins, who voted for Justice Kavanaugh, as well as Joe Manchin, have said they were misled. Do you think the process should change, now, of — of confirming justices?

WARREN: You know, look, I understand that Justice Kavanaugh, for example, I don’t know what he said to Senator Collins. I wasn’t in the room. But I do know this, that the Republicans have been very overt about trying to get people through the court who didn’t have a published record on Roe but who they knew, wink, wink, nod, nod, were going to be extremist on the issue of Roe v. Wade. And that is exactly what we have ended up with. This court has lost legitimacy. They have burned whatever legitimacy they may still have had after their gun decision, after their voting decision, after their union decision. They just took the last of it and set a torch to it with the Roe v. Wade opinion. I believe we need to get some confidence back in our court, and that means we need more justices on the United States Supreme Court.

RADDATZ: And I know that’s something you support.

WARREN: It’s happened before. We’ve done it before. We need to do it again.

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